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Asset Identification & Management

Asset Labels

For those customers whose priority lies more with asset management in general rather than security/anti-theft, as an alternative to our Selectamark Stencil marking systems or our Supermark One and Two labels, we can offer Asset ID Labels. These are either tamper-resistant or standard PVC labels, which are personalised with whatever details you want - which would normally include your company name, logo and asset number, plus barcode if required. The labels can be produced in various sizes and colours.

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Asset Management Applications

he Asset ID Label numbers and the permanent marks applied using our Selectamark Stencils and Supermark labels can of course be uploaded to any of the commercially-available Asset Management applications on the market.

To complement our unique permanent, visible marking systems, we also provide FREE REGISTRATION of all punched marks on our database.

Every punched mark is entered into our database, which alerts if there is any duplication of desired mark with another customer, thus ensuring that the mark is unique to you.

In the event of recovery of a marked item following loss/theft, authorized law enforcement agencies can check with us to ascertain ownership and contact the owner to advise of the recovery of the property and arrange its return to its rightful owner.

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