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  makes your valuables worthless to a thief...

Selectamark specializes in the PERMANENT MARKING AND IDENTIFICATION of personal property and company assets. Our systems enable individuals and companies to permanently and visibly mark their property with a unique customer ID mark. A number of different options are available from Selectamark for permanent visible marking, details of which you can find here on our website.

Marking of property/company assets provides a cost-effective deterrent against theft, facilitates recovery and offers a means of securely identifying assets for audit purposes etc.

In addition to the owner or company ID mark, a unique asset number can be marked on each item. Owners can then log these numbers against details of the individual items for asset management purposes. In the event a lost or stolen item is recovered, we can help police establish ownership through our database and the property can be returned to the rightful owner and the thief successfully prosecuted.





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